Perform with the WCCB!

Michigan's Premier Concerto Competition

The Washtenaw Community Concert Band's ANNUAL CONCERTO COMPETITION offers cash prizes totalling $2,000.00. The winner ($1,500 cash prize) and runner-up ($500 cash prize) will perform their concertos with the WCCB in concert.

Applicants must be enrolled in grades 9–12 in a public, parochial, or private high school located in Washtenaw County, be a member of the school's band or orchestra, and be a player of an instrument commonly used in concert bands. The applicant must have parental and band/orchestra teacher approval to apply. Music to be performed for the audition must be from the approved list. Prior approval from Chris Heidenreich, Conductor and Music Director, is required for any proposed substitutions (email The initial round of judging is based on a video recording that the applicant posts on a non-public section of YouTube.

Kevin Tan

Kevin Tan:
2017 winner of the 3rd Annual Concerto Competition

Performed Fantasia for Alto Saxophone by Claude T. Smith on May 11, 2017.

Kevin Tan has played the alto saxophone since the 5th grade after begging his elementary school band director, Mrs. Caroline Fitzgerald, to be switched from the clarinet. Since then, music and the saxophone have grown to be an important part of his life. Kevin has studied under his private teacher, Evan Blanchard, since his first ventures on the saxophone, and would like to thank him for many years making music together.

Now a junior at Huron High School, Kevin leads the saxophone section under the guidance of his band director, Stephen Roberts. Last year, Kevin played with the Huron High Symphony and Jazz Bands in a tour across Spain from Madrid to Toledo to Seville and more. He also performed at the 2016 Michigan Music Conference with the All-State Band, Huron Symphony Band, and Huron Jazz Band. Kevin also plays in the Michigan Youth Band as the principal alto saxophone, a position that he has held since the 8th grade.

Last year, Kevin achieved high honors at the District and State Solo and Ensemble Festival, moved on as a Nominated Outstanding Soloist, and eventually performed as a Gala Soloist at the 2016 Annual Michigan Youth Arts Festival.

Outside of his involvement with music, Kevin strives to give back to his community and has founded an educational nonprofit organization of high school students called INNO that is dedicated to helping middle school students learn and think in new ways. Through this experience, he has treasured being able to make connections with like-minded high school students as well within a professional network. This summer, INNO will be holding its first annual summer program for middle school students, which Kevin looks forward to greatly. Running INNO has allowed him to learn many valuable lessons about being a student, a productive member of society, and an aspiring entrepreneur!

Kevin is honored to be featured with the Washtenaw Community College Concert Band and is thankful for this opportunity to share his passion for music, and for the alto saxophone, with the audience.

Annie Li

Annie Li:
2017 Runner Up, 3rd Annual Concerto Competition

Performed Giacchino Rossini's Introduction, Theme and Variations on clarinet on June 29, 2017.

Annie Li lives in Ann Arbor and is a currently a junior at Pioneer High School. She started playing the clarinet in 5th grade under the direction of Gene Bartley. Soon she began taking private lessons with Jay deVries, to whom she owes her musical success through his countless hours of tutoring and support. She became a member of the Pioneer Symphony Band in 9th grade under the baton of David Leach and is now first chair in her section. She has also been a participant of the MSBOA All-State Bands from 2013–2017. This is her first concerto competition.

Annie is immensely grateful for all the music teachers she has had and the incredible experiences that music has given her throughout the years. Among these is her experience playing the piano, which she began studying at the age of 7 with Zhihua Tang. In high school, she continued under the guidance of Yili Lin and earned her Level 10 SATD piano certification in 10th grade. She also has the fortune of being a part of Pioneer's award-winning band program, which she traveled with to New York in April 2016 to play at Carnegie Hall. She has many inspiring, fun memories of her time in the band and looks forward to making more during the rest of her high school career.

Aside from music, Annie enjoys science, writing, and volunteering. She is an active member in her school's Red Cross club and Science Olympiad team. She hopes to study computer science after high school and to continue her musical pursuits, whether through a college course or by participating in local ensembles.